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Bodies by Bristol

Located in Marlton, NJ

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Before Fitness Website Formula

Prior to partnering with Fitness Website Formula, the Bodies by Bristol website lacked optimization for sales, resulting in zero leads.

The site’s user-friendliness was subpar, having been designed by a developer with no marketing expertise. Consequently, it failed to fulfill its primary purpose: driving leads and revenue. While Bristol had acquired existing customers through word of mouth, he recognized the untapped potential for further growth within his company.

“Bristol’s old website was not optimized to sell… it wasn’t bringing in a single lead”

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After Working With Us

Recognizing the necessity of engaging a web marketing company adept at selling fitness online, Bristol enlisted the expertise of Fitness Website Formula.

His studio underwent a transformation with the introduction of a cutting-edge website designed for optimal sales performance, featuring industry-leading search engine optimization, bespoke graphics, and a seamlessly intuitive design. Complementing the new website, Fitness Website Formula initiated a Facebook Ad campaign and developed multiple sales funnels to sustain ongoing marketing endeavors.

“FWF made the process so easy”

The previous web developers Bristol had engaged lacked the expertise in effectively selling fitness. Upon finding Fitness Website Formula, he was delighted to find a team with extensive experience in fitness marketing and a reputation for creativity. Bristol remarked that any required changes were executed swiftly and accurately. He found the process remarkably straightforward, expressing confidence that his ideas would be translated into reality effortlessly by FWF.

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The new website crafted by FWF enabled Bristol to target his desired audience directly

  • The new website crafted by FWF enabled Bristol to target his desired audience directly, empowering his business to compete effectively with numerous low-cost boot camps in the vicinity. This strategic approach enabled him to attract customers seeking a personalized gym experience rather than a large group setting with minimal individual attention.
  • Beyond enhancing Bodies by Bristol’s revenue, online visibility, and market authority, partnering with an external company proficient in fitness industry marketing has freed up Bristol’s time. Rather than fretting over lead generation, he can now focus on training his clients and aiding them in achieving their objectives.
  • Bristol attests to the significant transformation in his business operations, noting that tasks which would have taken years to master were accomplished within months with FWF’s assistance. Highly impressed with his website, Bristol enthusiastically recommends Fitness Website Formula’s services to those seeking to surpass sales records and witness business growth. Bodies by Bristol gained the competitive advantage needed to shine amidst competitors and fulfill its potential, and you can too with Fitness Website Formula.

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