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BioFit Performance.

BioFit Performance, a premier 14,000 sq. ft. fitness and wellness center nestled in Oviedo, FL.

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Focused is on personalized training and intimate group sessions, aimed at delivering a high-caliber fitness experience to our clients.

Driven by a vision to bring elite-level training to everyone, CEO Kevin Masson founded BioFit Performance. Kevin’s passion for providing ‘professional-athlete’ caliber training to the wider community led to the establishment of this state-of-the-art facility.

Kevin’s journey with Fitness Web Formula began during a Fitness Business Summit in sunny San Diego, CA. Despite past disappointments with marketing consultants, Kevin’s skepticism was quickly dispelled upon hearing glowing recommendations about Fitness Website Formula.

Facing its planned March 2020 launch, BioFit Performance encountered formidable challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Kevin worried about attracting the desired number of clients amidst the uncertainty. With an incomplete website and minimal SEO visibility, BioFit Performance urgently needed to boost its online presence for a successful launch.

“It means so much to us to hear from IT and tech companies since they are the experts. I really appreciate your work!”

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Although the initial 4 months showed promise, new sign-ups began to plateau. With just 5 months remaining to achieve 200 clients by year-end 2020, Kevin made the strategic decision to enlist FWF for additional marketing support.

Under our guidance, BioFit Performance underwent a comprehensive marketing transformation, yielding immediate and remarkable results. Leveraging SEO strategies, including well-crafted press releases, our digital marketing team propelled Kevin’s gym from the sixth page to the first page of Google within a mere 60 days, targeting key search terms. Furthermore, Fitness Web Formula orchestrated a successful Facebook ad campaign alongside a direct response initiative.

These multifaceted approaches resulted in a surge of phone inquiries, walk-ins, and appointments, translating into a substantial influx of new clients. Rapid implementation of these strategies drove unprecedented growth, particularly evident between September and November, bringing Kevin closer to his year-end membership goal.

Kevin is thrilled with the caliber of the website developed by our team. “Everyone in IT really compliments how good our website is,” Kevin raved. “It means so much to us to hear from IT and tech companies since they are the experts. I really appreciate your work!”

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BioFit Performance’s rapid growth is fueled by Fitness Website Formula’s expertise in website optimization, marketing campaigns, and adaptive strategies. Kevin appreciates our dedication to customer service and professional fitness marketing.

  • Since partnering with Fitness Website Formula, BioFit Performance’s client numbers nearly doubled, reaching 192 within 5 months post-website launch.
  • Traffic to their site surged by 51%, generating an average of 40.5 leads per month in 2020.
  • Kevin credits LOCUS Marketing for exceeding membership goals early and boosting foot traffic to his gym. Despite pandemic challenges, BioFit Performance achieved 97% of its first-year revenue goal, thanks to Fitness Website Formula’s strategic interventions.

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